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Can be a Life Saver because in Covid 19 even a mild Viral Infection can bring on low Oxygen Levels without Symptoms.

Going to a doctor every now and then just to check your pulse rate or oxygen saturation can be tiresome and expensive as well. So quickly and easily monitor your pulse rate and oxygen saturation right from the comfort of your home with the help of this oximeter from fingertip oximeter you just need to place your fingertip in the provided slot and you'll get instant readings of the of arterial haemoglobin (SpO2), pulse rate and strength at the touch of a button.

This oximeter is operated by 2 -size batteries for smooth functioning. Lightweight this oximeter is lightweight and small, so it can easily fit into the side pocket of your handbag.

Get Both for Only Rs, 1350

This item has not Warranty or Guaranty.

Package Does not Contain Batteries.  Item requires 2 AAA Batteries.

It is known to show only the SPO2 Level accurately.

Directions of use:-

The Pulse Oximeter also displays your Perfusion Index or Pi (Pi is the ratio of the pulsing blood to non-pulsing blood flow in your finger and is used to indicate the strength of blood flow to your finger). Your perfusion index changes based on whether the blood flow to your body is going up or down, and whether the arteries in your fingers are narrowing (causing your fingers to feel colder) or widening (causing your fingers to feel warmer).

This Pulse Oximeter can measure and monitor Heart Rate, SpO2 and Pulse Intensity with high accuracy. Displays waveform (plethysmograph) and digital readings, as well as pulse bar graphs, to visually indicate any irregularities or abnormalities, such as weak heartbeat. FDA 510(K) Cleared.

In such cases, a Pulse Oximeter might signal that you’re in trouble before you realize it.

COVID-19 can bring on what’s called COVID pneumonia — an infection in which the lung’s air sacs fill with fluid or pus. And it’s possible that someone infected with the novel coronavirus might be in the early stages of COVID pneumonia – including a drop in blood oxygen level — without experiencing any difficulty breathing.

  1. Insert two AAA batteries (make sure to batteries are in correct polarities)
  2. Turn the pulse oximeter on put Index finger into rubber hole with nail upward then releasing the clamp.
  3. Wait a moment to receive your accurate oxygen saturation and pulse rate readings.
  4. It will automatically powered off when no finger in the device for longer than 10 seconds. The display interface of LED rotates after pressing the power button less than 0.5 s.

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