The health benefits of Palm Sugar are manifold. It's high in vitamin B, iron and calcium. A great source of energy and the presence of iron makes it a great antidote for anaemia. It also has a much lower glycaemic index (varying estimates between 35-40) compared to white sugar (60-70). It's still however a concentrated form of sugar and it's best for diabetics to check their PP levels after one hour of consumption or  to check with their doctors on portion sizes. Karupatti is now available across online and offline platforms but unfortunately some artificial versions have also started to surface. The original karupatti is usually harder, doesn't dissolve instantly, is dull (not overly polished) and also features colour inconsistencies. Aside from the sugar in your coffee, you can also substitute jaggery with palm jaggery.

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Description-Low Gi of only 35-40To have or not have sweets, is a common conundrum witnessed in almos..

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