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A 2,000-year-old desi variety of wheat — conserved at a home for destitutes in Amritsar and offered as ‘prasad’ to benefactors — is touted to bring revolution in wheat-growing. This “climate-smart” wheat variety is presently grown on 800 acres in Jalalabad, and has the capacity to redefine agriculture in the state.

With a Low GI of only 55 as compared to 89 for regular wheat and more Zinc, Proteins, minerals and the only wheat known to contain Folic acid, Sona Moti is the Choice !

Grain Counts Per gram is 44 as compared to 26 for the regular wheat variety clearly points to a grain that is low in Gluten and high in Fibre. Besides Higher in Iron, Mangnesium and other minerals.

Eminent agriculture scientist Prabhakar Rao says two years ago, when he visited a Pingalwara in Amritsar, grains of this wheat variety (low in gluten and glycaemic content and high in folic acid) were offered to him as ‘prasad’. This variety with round seeds is believed to have originated near Mohenjodaro and only a small quantity is being cultivated in Pingalwara as a tradition. About 10 grains of this wheat are offered as prasad by Pingalwara – a tradition started by Bhagat Puran Singh, its founder, says Rao.

It requires almost zero input as it is grown without any pesticide or fertiliser. Amrit Moti Wheat is to the Left.

Ferment your wheat for easier nutrient absorption

Predigested Gluten is the answer to a healthier option even for Amrit Moti.
Traditionally, bread making was supposed to be a really long process. The dough sat fermenting for days together before being baked. This also digested the wheat protein making it even easier for the body to process and absorb. Wheat fermentation also produced phytase, a phytic-acid inhibitor, that aided nutrient absorption better. These days, it’s allowed to sit for a matter of a few hours only. So, whether traditional or modern wheat, ferment your dough. Let it sit overnight and rise slowly. This makes wheat more digestible and more healthful.

1000 Gms 1000 Gms
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