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How is Black Wheat different?

It is High in Zinc, Iron & Anthocyanin. Blueberries are known to improve immunity due to the blue pigment contained in them. This pigment is actually the anthocyanin which is beneficial to human health in innumerable ways and this is contained in Black wheat.

Black Wheat Contains

  • Anthocyanin Content: 140 ppm (100-200 ppm)
  • Zinc content: 35% more
  • Iron: 60% more

Regular Wheat Contains

  • Anthocyanin Content: 5 ppm
  • Zinc content: 28%
  • Iron: 25%

Key Comparison Between Regular Wheat and Black Wheat

What makes black wheat different in color is the pigment named "Anthocyanin" that also determines the colors of fruits and vegetables. The concentration of these pigments determines the color of other natural edibles. Regular wheat has a 5ppm (Parts-Per-Million) concentration of anthocyanin; on the other hand, black wheat grain is reported to have around 100-200ppm of anthocyanin (exact figures: 140 ppm). This makes black wheat, scientifically, a healthier option. These Anthocyanin are the naturally occurring antioxidants that develop in a field at the time of grain filling, hence enriching the wheat with loads of nutritional value.

What are the advantages of Black Wheat - Explained

It is doubtless to note the benefits and positive effects of black wheat on health. As concluded in the reports by Doctor Monika Goyal, NABI, Mohali, this species of wheat will tackle the problem of malnutrition in India. Following are some other benefits of black wheat.

The presence of Anthocyanin in higher amounts protects from you from inflammatory diseases and treats High Blood pressure, cold, urinary tract infections, and heart diseases. Anthocyanin controls heart diseases and improves cholesterol levels and blood sugar metabolism in diabetic patients. According to a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2008, Anthocyanin also prevents obesity.

2. Improved Immunity

Besides, Anthocyanin, black wheat also contains more antioxidants than regular wheat, which control the antibodies and free-radicals in our body. These antioxidants keep up the immune system by providing protection from DNA damage and lipid peroxidation. The highly anti-inflammatory properties of black wheat boost the production of cytokines that regulate the immune responses.

3. Black Wheat Benefits the Eye Functions

Black wheat is effective in protecting eyes from vision loss and any damage due to free radicals. Black currants also contain high amounts of Anthocyanin, which also improves night vision. Lack of nutrition due to lower intake of Anthocyanin leads to night blindness. Black wheat is the solution to all the problems related to eyes among adults.

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